Marta's Stamps

Exclusively designed stamps for The Scrapbook Diaries!
You can buy my stamps HERE :)

set 1

 set 2

set 3

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  1. Gosh, didn't know you were doing your own stamps. Well done! They are very sweet, almost naive in design. I'm sure that versatile simplicity will be popular. Good luck, Marta.:)

  2. Hello Maremi Marta, how are you_  I hope you are doing well. I am Gloria Obetti.  I am Italian but I live in Austria.  I am engineer but my favourite hobby has always been drawing and painting.  I don't have so much time but when I can do something during the weekend I am really happy.
    I love your art.   every time I see your videos, just want to stop what I am doing and then make some journaling.
    you are such inspiration and you also several kind of combinations of techniques.
    Therefore you are the first person in my mind that I could ask for my question,

    I would like to buy some specific stamps.    The stamps should have the figures of the carnival stamps.

    When I was in the elementary school we were doing little pieces of arts with all the types of ink.  I am 40 now, so we are talking 30 years ago.
    I do remember that those stamps were quite famous for kids at the elementary school.
    those things are not so big, maybe in one hand you can keep 2 o r 3.  I mean classical stamps,  that you can use with all the inks.

    I tried to search on the craft shops but they don't know what I am talking about.   I have also search in internet, amazon, ebay.  But I had no luck.
    So I would like to ask somebody to make it, like personalized stamps. Do you know any company that is able to manufacture personalized stamp_ 
    so that I can place one order.

    thanks in advance for your answer. Gloria Obetti P.S my email address is