piątek, 28 kwietnia 2017

#52CafeCards CHALLENGE Love

Hello Friends !

Today I would love to share with you my recent ATC's cards
 as part of #52CafeCards CHALLENGE :)

There is still time to join the fun!
We would love to see you in the Cafe !

Here is few funny Crafty Pics shared in the Cafe!

I hope those made you smile !!!
Love, Marta xxx

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niedziela, 23 kwietnia 2017

Watercolour Fun with Maremi's Small Art

My Dear Friends :)

I cannot believe that it's been a month since my last post.
All I can say is that recently it's been sooo so busy but good busy :) I have been making lots of videos for you... learning new techniques, experimenting... 
Most importantly we had so much fun!
Today's post is about my new love - watercolors !
Some of you have seen my trials on Instagram... where I share lots of photos from my practice.
Here is a few pics for your inspiration.

If you are just starting with watercolors...
If you are not too sure which paints to choose... I hope this video will be very helpful!
Enjoy :)

I would love to share with you my Galaxy painting. 
It is such an easy and fun technique, 
I promise you... you will love it !

I hope you will grab your watercolors and try with me!

Lastly I have some easy watercolor background idea for You!
I hope you will enjoy it !


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Love, Marta xoxox

piątek, 24 marca 2017

ATC's #52CafeCards Challenge ! Join us today !

My dear Friends !!!
Are you part of my new group - Maremi's Creative Cafe! yet??? 
Be sure to check it out :) It's fun,
It's a place created just for YOU. Everyone can joinand it's free !
And... We have some Awesome Weekly Challenge !

Following your need of being part of loving place where you can share your daily craft I created this Creative Cafe just for you.
I wish this place to become inspirational with cosy feeling where we can explore and connect with others around the world. Let's share love for creating! Let's make friends, drink coffee together, learn about each other… craft together.
Feel free to share your daily art, work in progress, arty products you got, things that could bring smile to others and inspire! Show us your messy table,
I hope we will have some challenges, vlogs, chit chats and more importantly... I hope we will have some fun!
I hope to meet you in the Cafe :) Click HERE !


Together with Cafe Friends we created a weekly challenge! 
We wanted to have something that will bing all of us together!
#52CafeCards challenge is fun game where we create small cards with a theme.

We create in order of alphabet.
So far we had: A - Art, B - Bubbles, C - Coffee, D - Dragonfly, E - Eclipse, F - Folk, G - Gears, H - Hummingbird & Hearts, I - Imagination, J - Journey, K - Kaleidoscope & Kaktus
and this week L - Lace :)

You don'y have to join every week, you may just do themes that suits you best!
You can join at any time and try to catch up!


There is sooo many amazing cards in the group shared from most fabulous people, 
I promise, you will be amazed !!!
And here are my inspirations!

We would love to see you in the Cafe !
Love, Marta xxx

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poniedziałek, 13 marca 2017

All About TEXTURE 25 New Ideas + Projects VIDEO Tutorial

Hello and Hi my dear crafty buddies :)

As always I am very happy to be back to you.
Let's talk about Texture again... I have 25 new ideas for you.

Do you remember 20 ideas that we have done before ? If you didn't see it... Click here to watch it :)

For me, texture is a very important elementin my art. It gives this amazing special effect of dimentional look. There is so many ways to achieve some texture and most of them will cost you nothing!
I hope you will enjoy those ideas :)
and my finished art piece !

Textured packing project!

Here is a catch up of few of my latest projects, some new, some old... I hope all inspirational!

Shortly after my 25 Texture Ideas video I made another one. I wanted to show you that you can use same products and achieve very different final looks of your makes.
I wish you to enjoy this video and create with me!

Lastly I would love to share an inexpensive art journal page, 
all I used is tea & coffee :)
Believe me, you don't always must use pro products but everyday items!

Do you struggle with finding focal point ?
I am sure this video will be a good help for you! Enjoy  :)

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Texture Love !!!

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You may find some little trasures for your art !
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Love, Marta xx